Monday, 12 June 2017

Online Area Converter in Bangladesh

It is not easy to get area of a piece land as your expected unit of measurement always. There are many formulas of conversion method with traditional and modern units. That's why if you have opportunity to get it by a area converter that works like a calculator, I think you can use the following online converter available for any number of quantity of land in Bangladesh.
Others Land Area Conversion List
To Others Unit
5 Katha = 0.08264462809917356 Acre
5 Katha = 3.3445126766320756 Ayer
5 Katha = 0.25 Bigha
5 Katha = 80 Chotak
5 Katha = 8.264462809917354 Decimal
5 Katha = 2099.99999999475 Dhul
5 Katha = 300 Dondho
5 Katha = 4.166666666666667 Gonda
5 Katha = 0.033445126766320755 Hectare
5 Katha = 66.66666666666667 Kak
5 Katha = 0.20833333333333334 Kani
5 Katha = 5 Katha
5 Katha = 50 Kontho
5 Katha = 16.666666666666668 Kora
5 Katha = 49.586776859504134 Kranti
5 Katha = 826.4462809917355 Ojutangsho
5 Katha = 63000.000003149995 Renu
5 Katha = 8.264462809917354 Satak
5 Katha = 8.264462809917354 Shotangsho
5 Katha = 0.8264462809917356 Square Chain
5 Katha = 3600 Square Feet
5 Katha = 1600 Square Hat
5 Katha = 518400.3317762124 Square Inchi
5 Katha = 334.4512676632076 Square Meter
5 Katha = 400 Square Yard
5 Katha = 991.7355371900827 Til

How to use: There are two option boxes, one is source unit and another is target unit associated with their quantity. Just change any of the boxes will give you the desired result. It is very easy to use for anyone. Suppose 1 katha = 720 sq ft, then 5 katha = 3600 sq ft by the incremental change of quantity.

Please comments for any confusion of results in conversion.

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